Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lizzy's Fort

Hi. I'm Lizzy, Mary's 10 year old sister. I want to tell you what i did the other day. Johnny and I went in Johnny's hiding spot. I fixed it up a lot. It was fun and the cat's thought it was, too. 

This is the door going into the fort.

This is the camp fire. Johnny and I went down to the creek and got rocks for it. That was fun, too.

This is the table. Johnny and I searched the woods and found flowers, ferns, and leaves to make it pretty and apples and carrots in case we got hungry.

And this is the whole thing.

Thank you for reading this post, It was nice talking to you all!

Elizabeth Lund

(Pictures and text by Lizzy)


  1. hey lizzy,

    thanks for the post. i love forts. i had many when i was a youngin and now i only have one. johnny is lucky to have such a nice decorator helping to make it so pretty. have fun with with it!!

  2. Ten years old! That seems impossible! Where have the years gone? Those pictures of the hideout are great but we want to see Lizzy and Johnnie. Thanks for sharing! Mrs. M

  3. Sounds like you two had a great time together. I am so happy that you got the privilage of seeing his hiding spot. It looks lovely. The fire ring and the table, they both look lovely. Funny what we gals add to what the guys find in the first place. I bet it was wonderful before you saw it, but now it has a touch of home. *smile* Enjoy these times, you will day dream of them later. *smile* Just remember the great life the Lord has given you. *smile* Blessings.-me-(Mommy of two little blessings)

  4. Great fort Lizzy...and I love your name...sure wish I could visit sometime :-)




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