Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving--Yay! :D

Hey Blog Readers!

 I hope this little note finds you in a house full of delicious smells and the joyful sounds of good company today! :)

Despite my absence here, we're all doing wonderfully. I haven't been finding the time to blog, but thus said, we've been living life slowly and gently and haven't found ourselves overly busy despite the harvest season and upcoming winter. I've been working on writing a new book and it seems to suck up all my writing energy lately. No worries though; I'm sure it's just a passing phase. :)

We're working on preparing a beautiful homegrown feast today. Yesterday was a beautiful day of cleaning, baking and singing from every corner of the house and today, from the sounds and smells, I'd say the joy of the holidays is continuing in the same way. It's amazing, but we didn't have to go to the grocery store for a single item while preparing our menu and feast. Mom and I butchered a few days ago, so our meat is good and tender. Most everything else came  from the garden; the green beans, mashed potatoes, the pumpkin in the pie, even the celery in the stuffing! The whipped cream on the pies, the golden butter on the rolls and the milk in the gravy is curtsy of our wonderful girls and the hardworking boys that milk them.

I spent a good deal of time this week pondering what it is that I'm grateful for this year. Oh, there's the usual stuff, like sheep and flowers, (or perhaps that isn't so usual,) but at any rate, I dug deeply and pondered much and have decided that this year, I am grateful for human emotion. When you think about it, It's really what keeps life interesting; both emotions and striving to express them. It's the color and energy in our lives, and I am just so randomly thankful, this year, that human's have it!

What are you thankful for this year?

Here's some random pictures, in random order, from the last few weeks to visually update you. ;)

 Fall hiking...

Goofing off
  Donna's growing up fast; already learning her ABC's and how to ride a horse--you know, the fundamentals. ;) Today, she's proudly making the rolls for our thanksgiving feast!

  I love my sheep. Ridiculously so. I recently gave a few of them their fall shearings and I just love cuddling their big, furry, warm bodies during the process of snipping off their coats.

Thanks for visiting! Leave a comment and let me know what you're doing for Thanksgiving! :)

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Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving update! I've definitely been missing your posts lately. I love reading about the way your family lives and I'm thankful for the inspiration you've given me and my family to live a life closer to God and His creation.

  2. This has surely been a year to be thankful. My husband and I bought 55 acres of flat land in Clatskanie Oregon. We both love to be outside so yesterday I fixed the dinner stacked in the crock pot for just the two of us. It was delicious. So this year after having 3 major medical incidents I am thankful for everything we have and for our GREAT GOD of mercy and truth.


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