Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Roll... here we go!

Hi Everyone!

 I know I'm back rather soon (you weren't expecting to hear from me until after Easter, were you?) Well.... I have an excuse ready. You see, it happened last night: Stephen went on a stroll with his new camera and when I sat down at the computer later that evening, there was this 'new roll' of film on the iPhoto library and I couldn't believe all the cute, cool pictures in just one roll. I simply HAD to share them with you.
So, here we go, just one roll:

A mirror image Michael...

Bath time!

Getting a drink...

The 'Jack Jack' hair do...

Serious baby, but I love how he caught the babysitter out of focus in the background.

Cute country girl, going out to work with the horses.

Tryggur stealing a drink during a lesson...


I couldn't decide between this one and the one above (I love em both!!) so I decided to let you decide.

I like the warm contrast in this one...
Wee-hee! Some spring fever in that pasture!

Okay, buckle up. We're getting cute now...

Ah... oh well...

As Stephen always says to her: "dat's pretty cu-ute!"

Does anybody remember something similar occurring in one of my posts last spring?


Alright, enough cute, back to cool:

We had a lamb born on Sunday...

Such a precious little girl...
One of my spring flowers at dusk... what a good shot!


---Okay, that ends one film roll. Or, one evening's stroll around the homestead with a camera. I thought there was an impressive amount of good photos in that roll! I had to delete several really cute ones, but you can only post so many... So, yeah, he's really enjoying his new camera. He managed to get this one for a real steal deal--he'd never be able to afford such a good camera ordinarily, so he's quite pleased. His other old camera took good pictures, too, but its computer end was really outdated so it moved very slow between pictures, causing a lot of missed opportunities. So, no more excuses!

This blog is gonna have really great pictures from now on!

Oh, lemme throw in a couple of Mike's photos from the roll before:

Wheew! Okay, nuff pictures already!

TaTa everybody! Happy Easter!!


  1. That was great! Thanks for brightening my day!

    Mrs. W

  2. so much cuteness and coolness in one roll!

    too many adorable -- and talented -- chilns in one fam!

  3. Glad to see that Stephen got the camera working. GREAT PHOTOS!!!


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