Sunday, February 28, 2010

Homemade Snowboard!

Okay, I'm sharing a proud moment here....

My little (well, 16yr. old) brother made himself a snowboard!

So, he started by doing a bit of research on the internet, then went out and cut apart an old wood pallet. Ripped up the pieces on the table saw, cut them out and glued them together. Then he steam bended the ends over the wood cook stove in the garage and then finally waxed it and attached the plastic feet he gleaned off a broken snowboard.

Quite a learning experience, works great, recycled materials and no money spent! Way to go Steve!! 


  1. The new Shaun White!!!! Way to go Stephen - Aunt Mary

  2. I had a very fun visit at your blog this afternoon! KOOL snowboard by the way. Keep up the postings I will try to drop in more often now that I have discovered you.

    God Bless


  3. That is amazing... I can't believe it actually worked. It looks SO nice. Wow... too cool..

  4. sweetness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, that is an AWESOME snowboard!! And it's even cooler that he made it himself! Your whole family is so talented, Mary! :-)

    Have a wonderful evening!

    Love in Christ,



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